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In a world of developing security challenges like terrorism and now the "Active Shooter", the need for a safe and timely system to store and access weapons is more important than ever. Private security,  law enforcement, military personnel and responsible citizens, have always been concerned with the accountability and security of their primary firearm...the rifle.

Due to unsecured or poorly stored weapons, several major police departments have experienced the loss of carbine and shotgun weapons. To address this issue of weapons accountability, Covered 6 has developed the first ever tactical storage system that deploys a rifle in under 2 seconds, while accomplishing this with secure controlled "smart" storage.

Now when your at work defending America, or at home protecting your family, you can access your primary weapon fast and easy.

Designed by those who DEFEND GUARD PROTECT, the RTD Rack is the solution for home defense, law enforcement and military rifle storage. If you need information, feel free to call and speak with a customer service expert who will do their best to provide the information your need.

The RTD rack was built by professional first responders who recognized the need to develop fast and secure weapons storage systems. The RTD racks was the first of its kind and has several patented features. We consider ourselves innovators, not imitators.

2017 - Over 200 Law Enforcement agencies, Public Safety Departments and Military branches using the RTD rack worldwide.

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